Field Care for your trophy-

Shoulder mounts-Good Practice Tips: Please do not drag your animal, expose it to heat for an extended period of time or subject it to salt or sand treated road conditions.  Cover your animal and bring it to me as soon as possible. If you can’t bring it immediately to me, freeze the cape and head until able to do so.  Follow the instructions below for caping your trophy:


I love working on bears so bring as many as you can legally shoot!! There are two methods shown below for skinning out your bear.  Please follow of the care instructions indicated with my shoulder mount good practice tips.



Small Mammal: Animals coyote sized or smaller should not be skinned unless by a professional.  Don’t gut the animal. Small animals, especially carnivores will spoil quickly because of their thin hide and bacteria.  If you can’t bring it to me immediately, as soon as the carcass cools completely, place the animal in a plastic bag and freeze it. Always use gloves when handling small mammals.


Game Birds: Do not gut the bird.  Rinse any blood from the feathers with water. Bring the bird immediately to me or freeze it by placing it in a plastic bag.  Be careful not to damage the feathers.  Do not force feathers into the bag, let them extend out of the bag if necessary and tie loosely.

Fish: Do not gut your fish.  If you can not bring it immediately to me, (1) take a good color photograph (Fish start to lose their color shortly after being caught), (2)measure the fish, then (3) wrap the fish in an extremely wet towel, (4) place in a plastic bag and freeze, then (5) bring it to me as soon as possible. When wrapping your fish, please ensure that the fins are close to the body so that they do not break. Please follow the illustration below for measuring your fish.